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Dog House Red




Deep red with balanced acidity and intense fruit flavours of sweet plum, black cherry with hints of vanilla mixed with dark berry fruit aromas. Serve with anything you throw on the grill, from eggplant to steak, or even chicken wings and pizza.

Minimum order 12 bottles. Free shipping anywhere in Ontario. Out-of-province orders, please e-mail us for details.


  1. Dave & Connie

    My wife and I are real fans of this “VQA” red variety. Great start, great, flavours and a crisp clear finish.
    A must try if you enjoy a friendly, bouncy, fully satisfying taste.
    Couple this with fantastic location, friendly atmoshpere and outstanding service and you can’t beat a visit to the winery.
    If you live outside the are, not to worry as a couple of minutes on the net will put the wine glass in your hand soon after.
    A hidden jewel.

  2. Dave & Connie

    My wife and I are real fans of is “VQA” red variety. A refreshing start, bold taste and crisp clean finish accentuate the charecteristics of this local beuaty.
    Combine this with great location, outstanding service and a friendly relaxed atmosphere make Three Dog a hidden gem your must search out.

  3. Lee & Paula

    Returning to Toronto after a glorious wine touring day in PEC, we decided to include Three Dog Winery in our route. Were we surprised! It proved to be the perfect ending to a memorable day. John and Sacha are wonderful hosts – a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Our cellar is now that much richer: 2013 Pinot Grigio is a must! As for the red, you will be surprised with the deep red and intense flavors of the 2013 Dog House Red – another addition to our cellar.
    Look forward to seeing John and Sacha and the 3 Dogs….Jersey, Rieki, and Bakkus.

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