John & Sacha Squair

Who We Are

We are John and Sacha Squair. We started planting vines for Three Dog Winery in 2000.  We planted 500 Pinot Gris followed by 1500 Pinot Noir in 2002.

Trying to start a vineyard/winery, working it only on the weekends, while living in the GTA is crazy making. In 2003 we made the big leap to “The County”.

Yes we quit our jobs, the 50+ hour work weeks, the hours in traffic, to live in paradise. We didn’t realise that paradise included the one of the coldest winters on record in 2003…somehow global warming went south for the winter, and we lost a chunk of our Pinot Noir.

But we didn’t lose our passion for vineyard work and wine; we re-planted more Pinot in 2004 and we founded Grapevale Vineyard Management. Through Grapevale John managed a number of different vineyards and assisted newcomers in selecting properties appropriate for vineyards. Meanwhile Sacha started the same routine we had left in the GTA. She took a job in Kingston with long hours and commute once again.

Fast Forward…

Sacha quit the crazy hours and 1 1/2 hour commute and opened Indigo Yoga Centre where she taught for several years.  She is now pursuing both of her passions – yoga and wine. And John decided he wanted to be close to home. LIFE IS TOO SHORT…  The only way for us to make our dream of Three Dog Winery a reality was to jump in with both feet and pursue our dream even if it is held together with bubblegum, lint, a shoestring and a bit of duct tape.  John and Sacha now live on-site at the winery and Sacha has moved her practice here permanently opening Three Dog Yoga Studio, Canada’s first co-located yoga and winery studio.

The Vision

We want Three Dog to become a gathering place for the community near and far. Not just a winery where you buy a bottle of wine and leave. We want to create a place where you not only want to stop and enjoy a glass of wine, but also a place where Artists, Artisanal Food Producers, Farmers, Craftsman, can come and set up their wares and offer our space for free to share the “Bounty of the County”.

We will eventually build a stage on the far south facing slope to offer concerts and small local theatre productions.

Three Dog not just a place.  We will offer visitors “a sense of place”.

Why Three Dog?

Three Dog Winery got it’s name from our  3 Golden Retrievers. We have always had 3 Golden Retrievers.  The original 3, Angus, Sienna and Chevy are all buried at the vineyard as it was always their favourite place to be. The current 3 – Jersey, Rieki, and Bakkus – are there every chance they can get. All our dogs are rescues from our friends at Golden Rescue Canada.

Three Dog will always be dog friendly. You won’t have to leave your dog at home or ship them off to a kennel to go on a wine tour. Bring them along! Grab a bottle of wine and take them for a walk down the many trails through the property. Grab a spot in the shade with “Spot” and have a picnic. Relax…We believe wine is all about having fun with family and friends, sharing in a good time, and of course enjoying it all with a good glass of wine. Cheers!


Our Vineyards

Three Dog Winery’s estate covers 100 acres (the back 15 acres is a Sugar Bush) in beautiful Prince Edward County.

It was back in 1999 that we began to plan our journey. Being a Pinot Noir “NUT” that was one of the first vines to hit the ground. It was soon followed by Pinot Gris, and since then we have been slowly adding more Pinot clones and some French hybrids, a little Baco, a little Foch, a little Vidal and lots of love.

All of our vineyards are low yielding to ensure that we are harvesting ripe fruit. We attempt to employ the elements of biodynamics and organics as much as possible, but are not afraid to bring in the “big guns” to ensure that we have quality fruit.

Prince Edward County has an amazing wealth of soils for grape growing. There are about 13 different types of soil laced throughout the County. The great thing is that they are all based on limestone bedrock and it is this limestone bedrock that comes through as beautiful minerality in most wines from the County.

Our vineyard property has 3 different soil types: Darlington, Gerow, and Ameliasburgh. Initially, only about 30 acres will be planted to vines which gives us room to grow.

In 2013 we had a planting party with over 100 volunteers. Check it out: